"The customers are our main and the only priority..."

PixelData is a company specialized in outsourcing development of high-level software solutions that boost productivity and profit through data integration. It offers intuitive and flexible enterprise solutions that help today's business activity achieve greater operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Using our services, you can reduce your development expenses, increase quality of your products. Our company, has highly educated computer specialists that graduated from top universities such as Technical University of Cluj-Napoca and "Babes-Bolyai" University Cluj-Napoca.

Our goal is to produce very stable products with excellent compatibility and implementation design at the lowest costs. The very good quality of our applications code requires less hardware and software resources and successfully compete with the products of other well-known companies.

Previous projects were developed for medical imaging centers, water supply companies, gas distribution networks including ERP multi-tier and modular solutions as well as document management systems. PixelData also developed a patient management application for gastroenterology using PostgreSQL or MySQL database server and a 3D aplication for coordinate measurement.

Our team is using a wide range of technologies, tools and programming languages to develop the applications according to the technological environment of each customer. Providing a large amount of custom work, our customers benefit by an adaptable software built on HL7 and DICOM standards that is also designed to fit the needs of their medical practice.